2023 Expo Program Guide Advertising — 25,000 Copies Printed

The 2023 Natural Living Expo Program Guide is a 6" wide x 10" high booklet that is direct mailed to 13,000+ and is also distributed throughout New England and at the expo. Advertising in it will amplify your presence at the expo with your ad producing results before, during and after the event. All booths receive one free business listing in the program guide before June 23; booth reservations received after June 23 cannot be guaranteed free listing placement in the printed guide, but will be included in the online exhibitor listing. 

The Expo Program Guide lists all exhibitors, workshops and expo info. Is the official — and only — guide to the 2023 event, used by thousands of people to plan their time at the event. This is a way to highlight your booth!  

Advertising Deadline: June 23, 2023 
25,000 copies printed plus the digital edition online!

Ad Sizes and Prices

Back Cover $2195
Premium Full Page - Pages 2, 3, 5 (5” wide x 9.25” high) $1495
Full Page (5” wide x 9.25” high) $1095
1/2 Horizontal Page (5” wide x 4.5 high) $695
1/2 Vertical Page (2.375 wide x 9.25” high) $695
1/3 Page (5” wide x 2.9” high) $495
1/4 Horizontal Page (5” wide x 2.125” high) $395
1/4 Vertical Page (2.375” wide x 4.5” high) $395
1/8 page (2.375” wide x 2.125” high) $295

Ad Design $35 (includes 2 revisions) 


Reserve ad space directly on the Exhibitor Application when you purchase a booth. Alternately, with questions and to reserve advertising space directly:
call:  (508) 635-4357 x2
email: michella@naturalexpo.org

Why Advertise in the Expo's Program Guide?

Amplify your message. Promote your brand. Drive booth traffic.
Reach a wider audience beyond the event!

25,000 Printed Copies

25,000 printed copies distributed before and during the event. 13,000+ direct mailed in September. 

Digital Edition Online

Print and web exposure together! Even those who cannot make it to the expo will see your business.

Go-to Guide for Navigating the Expo

Every attendee at the expo will use this guide to plan their time at the expo. Make your booth stand out!